How To Remember To Wear Your Retainer

Once you have completed the orthodontic treatment of braces, you will have to wear a retainer to keep your teeth straight forever. Forgetting to wear your retainer at night once in awhile is not something to worry about, however, if you are not wearing your retainer for consecutive weeks or months, it may result in serious dental issues. If you are not wearing your retainer, your teeth could shift back to the original position prior to your orthodontic treatment. Beauty Smile Orthodontics wants you to keep your straight smile by wearing your retainer.

Here are a few tips for you to remember to wear your retainer at night:

Make a note: If you are having a hard time to put in your retainer at night, then making a visible note in your room, such as on your nightstand, to put your retainer in may help.

Ask for help: If you are still living with your parents, you can ask them to remind you or to check to see if you are wearing it. This will become a regular routine overtime until you won’t need any reminders.

Set an alarm: Setting a daily alarm on your phone or other device is the easiest way to remember to wear your retainer. If you have your phone with you, then you will remember to wear your retainer.

Clean your retainer daily:
Having a set schedule to clean your retainer daily will help you remember to wear it at night. Once you clean your retainer, just put it in and you are done for the night.

Understand what will happen if you don’t wear your retainer: Generally, if orthodontic patients know the consequences that come with not wearing their retainer, they will remember to wear it at night. Those who do not wear their retainer will have to start the whole orthodontic process over again which will cost even more money and time.

For more information or any questions on how to remember to wear your retainer at night, contact Beauty Smile Orthodontics today.

The Pros And Cons Of Lingual Braces

When it is time to get your braces, you may have a fear of having your braces visible for everyone to see. We understand that you may be feeling insecure in having your braces visible, this is why we offer a variety of braces options, one being lingual braces.

Advantages of Lingual Braces

– Worn behind the teeth to prevent visibility.
– Effective in complex movement of teeth.
– Brackets and wires are designed to fit each patient’s mouth, eliminating discomfort.
– Easy to brush teeth, preventing the risk of staining the teeth.

Disadvantages of Lingual Braces

– Require a longer treatment time due to customizing the brackets and wires to fit each individual’s mouth.
– Complicated to install and generally requires a highly experienced orthodontist, such as Dr. Alamir.
– Lingual braces are more expensive than traditional braces.
– Can affect speech production and cleanliness of the braces.

Now that you know the pros and cons of lingual braces, what path are you going to take with your smile? If you still have more questions or any concerns about lingual braces, contact Beauty Smile Orthodontics today.

The Super Bowl: How Your Favorite NFL Players Protect Their Teeth

With a great Super Bowl 52 occuring yesterday, millions of fans watched live as players rushed for touchdowns and some getting tackled. This relates back to orthodontics because you may wonder how they are able to withstand so many hits without suffering a concussion or broken teeth. This is all because of mouth guards! Beauty Smile Orthodontics is here to tell you how mouthguards can benefit you with the following factors you should consider:

Protects your teeth and braces: While wearing a mouth guard, your teeth are fully protected from any kind of hit or tackle. You should be wearing a mouthguard in all contact and noncontact sports related activities. You will prevent the risk of broken or fractured teeth which would be a costly visit to your orthodontist. In addition, wearing an orthodontic mouth guard while having braces is crucial for the protection of your brackets and wires.

Prevents concussions: Mouthguards prevent concussions, which is one of the most common injuries that occurs in football. If you are not wearing your mouthguard and sustain a hit from another player, you may suffer a concussion. This is why it is so imperative to have your mouthguard in at all times.

Prevents any other type of injuries: If you do not have your mouthguard in, any of the following types of injuries may occur:

– Fractured/broken teeth and jaw
– Nerve Damage
– Severe cuts to the gums/tongue (requires surgical repair)
– Damage to the roots where the teeth are held in place

It is essential to have a mouthguard in at all times just like your favorite NFL players. For more information on how to protect your teeth, contact Beauty Smile Orthodontics today.

The Myths Surrounding Braces

Like any other thing in today’s society, the concept of braces has been surrounded with lots of myths and rumors. These myths can easily confuse an individual who is new to the idea of braces and orthodontic care. In order to clear the confusion and eliminate these myths, Beauty Smile Orthodontics is going to tell you the most common myths surrounding braces.

Braces are only for children: One of the most common myths is that braces are only for children. This is untrue, braces are for anyone despite their age. It has been determined that nearly 25% of all braces patients are adults, which shows braces are not secluded to kids.

The tighter the braces, the faster the results will come: Many new orthodontic patients think that the tighter you wear braces, the faster the treatment. This is false and actually can lead to tooth and tissue damage, which will increase your time wearing braces.

Braces make you incapable of playing sports: Children typically think that braces make you incapable of playing sports. Again, this is untrue, braces and other orthodontic treatments do not stop patients from playing in sports regardless of the activity. It is recommended to wear a protective mouth guard in all types of sports related activity to prevent the risk of injury to your braces and teeth.

Braces will make your teeth straight forever: Once a patient is finished with wearing braces, they think that they’re teeth will be straight for the rest of their life. Unfortunately, this is not the case, orthodontic patients will have to wear a retainer once they complete the process of braces in order to keep their straight smile for life.

Braces are unattractive: This myth is typically heard around teenagers and young adults, who are concerned with how their smile will look with braces. You will no longer have to worry about how you look with braces, Beauty Smile Orthodontics offers a wide variety of braces, including traditional, lingual, clear aligners, and ceramic braces.

For more information or questions about the myths of braces, contact us at Beauty Smile Orthodontics today.

How To Make Your Life Easier With Braces

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, living with braces can be difficult. You have to become custom to eating with braces, cleaning your teeth with braces, and most importantly caring for your braces. Beauty Smile Orthodontics is here to help you achieve an easier lifestyle with braces by adapting to the following:

Avoid harmful foods:
One of the most essential things with braces is to avoid foods that can be dangerous to them. There are a wide variety of foods that can affect your braces in a harmful way. It is crucial for you to avoid sticky, crunchy, and hard types of foods. These kinds of foods will harm the brackets and wires of your braces and will be a costly trip to the orthodontist with a delay in the progress of your braces.

Clean your braces: It is important to care for your braces, one of the ways to do this is to clean them on a frequent basis. Bacteria and plaque can build up in your teeth more easily with braces, this is why it is crucial to brush your teeth and braces after every meal. Having a great oral hygiene routine is the first step in achieving the best oral health overall.

Protect your braces: Whether you are in a contact or non-contact sport, protecting your braces with a mouth guard will prevent the risk of a rigorous injury from occurring. Mouth guards for braces can be purchased at most stores or can be customized to fit your mouth perfectly by your orthodontist.

Tend to emergencies immediately: If you have a broken bracket, wire, or anything that may concern you, it is vital to contact your orthodontist as soon as possible. Responding to an orthodontic emergency is crucial for the progress and development of your new and brighter smile.

For further information or to get started on your brighter future with a brighter smile, contact Beauty Smile Orthodontics today.

Asthma And Your Oral Health

Do you or a relative struggle with asthma? If so, it is imperative to know how asthma affects your oral health. People with asthma are at a higher risk to have poor oral health despite the fact that it is not in their control. Breathing through your mouth causes your mouth to dry out and for less saliva to produce, this creating a higher risk of bacteria forming on the teeth. A recent study generated results that 9 out of 10 children with asthma suffered tooth decay.

Our team Beauty Smile Orthodontics are here to assist you in preventing the risk of this with the following tips:

Drink Water: Believe it or not, drinking water is the most effective solution to a dry mouth due to asthma. In addition, it is crucial to avoid drinking sugar-filled drinks to quench your thirst since it will only make your mouth drier.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly: To keep up with your oral hygiene, you should brush your teeth at least twice a day and possibly use supplemental fluoride if recommended by your orthodontist. Flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth as it will get rid of any food or plaque trapped in between your teeth.

Have A Well-Balanced Diet: Eating healthy types of foods will not only make you feel better, but it will improve your oral health. The more junk food you eat, the drier your mouth will be filled with bacteria. It is essential to talk to your orthodontist on what foods to avoid in your situation. However, it is suggested to avoid foods filled with sugar to prevent the buildup of bacteria and plaque in your teeth.

For more information on how asthma affects your oral health or to get started with a brighter future with a brighter smile, contact Beauty Smile Orthodontics today.

When Is The Best Time To Get Braces For You?

Many people are asking the question of when is the best time to get braces in their situation. When we think of braces, we immediately think of a teenager with a mouth full of metal, however, this is not the case in today’s world. People of all ages are receiving orthodontic care, especially braces. This raises the question to many if it is better to get braces when you are younger or fully developed. Beauty Smile Orthodontics is here to inform you when it is the best time to get braces with the following:

Starting Age: Although it does not particularly matter when you or your child first attends the orthodontist, it is recommended that your child sees the orthodontist when the permanent teeth come in. This age is usually around 7, but anyone is permitted in seeing the orthodontist regardless of age.

No Age Limit: If you are an adult and are wanting to see an orthodontist, do not worry about your age. Although it may be harder to change your teeth, it can still be accomplished with careful orthodontic procedures. It has been determined that 1 in 5 orthodontic patients are over the age of 18.

Change In Cost: You may be wondering if your age could have an effect on the cost of your braces. This is not exactly the case, however, the cost of your braces depends on how much adjustment is needed. Adult braces may cost more due to the fact that their teeth and jaws are fully developed and are harder to adjust.

Start Today: Regardless of your age or situation, we here at Beauty Smile Orthodontics are here to help you achieve a brighter future with a brighter smile. For more information or to get started today, contact us today.

Start This Year With A Straight Smile

With 2018 just beginning, having a straight and healthy smile could not be more important. Keeping up with dental hygiene and learning to care for your braces is an important aspect in achieving a straight and healthy smile. Beauty Smile Orthodontics wants you to follow the helpful tips regarding on keeping a healthy smile to start this year off right. Here is a list of things to do while wearing braces to guarantee a straight and healthy smile in your future:

Brush your teeth frequently:
If you want to ensure your smile can be the healthiest it can possibly be, brushing your teeth is one of the most important ways to guarantee this. Brushing your teeth in the morning, after every meal, and at night will prevent the risk of tooth decay and other oral complications. Making sure to give your gums the same amount of attention as your teeth is essential to oral hygiene that many tend to forget about.

Use floss: Did you know that only 50% of Americans floss on an everyday basis? Do not put that other half and make sure you floss your teeth regularly. Flossing when you have braces is even more important since it will get rid of any food or plaque stuck in between the brackets or wires.

Avoid sticky/hard foods: This one may seem hard to do since you could possibly be around sweet, irresistible treats at times, however, it is crucial to stay away from sticky or hard foods when you have braces. The possibility of a bracket breaking is almost guaranteed if you decide to eat hard candy, which will slow down the process of a straight and healthy smile. Gum and popcorn can get stuck in the brackets of your braces quite easily, which are nearly impossible to remove without orthodontic assistance.

Visit your orthodontist regularly: To ensure everything is functioning smoothly, it is important to attend your orthodontic appointments when they are scheduled. For instance, if your bracket broke, it is crucial you visit your orthodontist immediately to replace the bracket and stay on track of a healthy and happy smile.

For more information or to get started on creating a brighter future with a brighter smile, contact Beauty Smile Orthodontics today.

Getting An Extraction Before Braces

You may have never heard of an extraction, however, it is very common in the orthodontic world. Before a patient gets braces on, they may need to do an orthodontic procedure beforehand, such as an extraction. An extraction will allow more space for the teeth to shift into the correct place, which will make the braces process faster and more effective.

How do I know if I need an extraction?

The only way to truly determine if you need an extraction before braces is consulting with your local orthodontist and receiving x-rays on your teeth. However there are a few things you may notice that are clear indicators of needing an extraction before braces, which includes the following:

The growth of your teeth has stopped - This is commonly for adult patients since the bone structure of their teeth have fully grown.
You have an overbite - Receiving an extraction for your overbite is the best way to correct this common orthodontic issue, this will always prevent the possibility of surgical care.
You have missing or broken teeth – If you have missing or broken teeth, this is a direct indicator you will need an extraction, as well as other orthodontic procedures to correct your dental health.
Your teeth are overcrowded - In order for braces to be effective, it is important to have enough space throughout your mouth for the teeth to move properly. Overcrowdedness generally occurs in younger orthodontic patients, which can be fixed with removing some of the teeth to have the braces work at full capability.

For more information or to learn more about how braces and our orthodontic procedures can benefit you, contact us at Beauty Smile Orthodontics today.

Why Ceramic Braces Are A Great Option For You

Whether you are an individual who wants to straighten their smile discreetly or just an everyday adult, ceramic braces may be the best option for you. Most think that ceramic braces are clear and are not as efficient as other types of braces, this is not the case for our highly experienced team of orthodontists at Beauty Smile Orthodontics. Our popular solution to straighten teeth in a subtle manner works effectively like traditional metal braces. If you are considering getting ceramic braces, we here at Beauty Smile Orthodontics have some helpful information you should know, such as the following:

Ceramic braces blend in: Most individuals go down the path of ceramic braces when approaching orthodontic needs because of cosmetic concerns. Ceramic braces blend in with your teeth color, it is practically impossible for other individuals to notice you are wearing braces. Orthodontic patients will not need to worry about any change in their appearance with this type of braces.

They are just as efficient as traditional: Ceramic braces work the same as traditional metal braces. Placing a bracket on each tooth and threading a wire through each bracket for both the bottom and top set of teeth. Many many wonder how ceramic braces are not visible since we are placing a bracket on each tooth. The only difference is the color of the bracket and wire, which we color to be the same color as the patient’s tooth.

Take care of them: It is especially important to take care of your ceramic braces just as you would with traditional braces. However, since ceramic braces are clear, anything could possibly stain them and alter the color of your braces. It is essential to brush your teeth after every meal and after drinking anything like coffee, juice, or wine. Despite the fact that your braces are clear, anything could stain them. This is why it is very important for you to know when considering ceramic braces as a choice for you.

For more information or questions about how ceramic braces can benefit your future discreetly, contact us at Beauty Smile Orthodontics today.